Telescopic Masts

Cramm can supply all your requirements regarding navigation masts, antenna masts, flag masts or light masts. Cramm telescopic masts have many advantages over standard masts. For example: telescopic masts can be retracted below deck when berthed or moored, so that the deck space can be used for other purposes. When the telescopic mast is retracted into the deck, it gives the deck that superyacht sleek and luxury look.

Instead of telescopic sections, the mast can also be fitted with a folding system or combined with a crane function, producing a crane-mast combination that is stored horizontally on or below deck. Cramm masts are manufactured from stainless steel, with visible components receiving an elegant brushed finish. If preferred, the whole mast can be faired and painted in the same quality paint as the yacht, to give it that extra designer look.

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