Boat Booms

Boat booms are located on the side of the yacht and are used while a superyacht is anchored to attach smaller boats and tenders on the yacht. This prevents that the smaller boats or tenders can hit the yacht. Boat booms are fully automatic and can be controlled by means of a push-button-panel or a radio remote control.

The boat booms are usually placed near a tender garage or boarding platform. They are single or double telescopic depending on the requested reach and available storage length. Boat booms can be delivered with a box/trunk for welding in the yacht structure – the box can be delivered watertight, weather-tight or non-classified.

To close the box the boat boom can be equipped with a hatch that is mounted on the end of the boom and has the same shape of the hull in that position. It is also possible to deliver a hatch which can hinge in a preferred direction. Please contact us for more information.

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