Heligrid Landing Platform

The Cramm helicopter landing grid system, combined with a harpoon rapid securing system, aims to secure a helicopter to the flight deck immediately on touchdown by engaging and locking the helicopter harpoon on to a landing grid in the flight deck.

Satisfying the most stringent NATO Stanag 1276 requirements, the system can be used for various types of helicopters, including defence and rescue helicopters. It prevents movement of the helicopter on the flight deck under the influence of large waves and strong side winds, and allows the helicopter to land and take off safely while at sea.

Heligrid is produced by Cramm HLS, sister company of Cramm Yachting Systems, the global market leader in the design, development and construction of mechanical products and hydraulic equipment for the mega yacht industry. Cramm HLS makes life very easy for clients by realizing the complete trajectory from design and production to installation and commissioning.

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