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Founded by Mr W.H.A. Cramm in 1954, since the early 1970s Cramm Yachting Systems has had a long and successful history as a supplier of a wide range of yacht equipment. Since 2005, Cramm has established itself as the world leader in customised and modular superyacht equipment. Over the years, Cramm has developed, engineered and produced a wide range of unique products and projects. When choosing Cramm, shipyards know they will be working with an innovative, reliable and service-oriented partner that will deliver a high standard of quality.

Cramm, and its parent company, is a family-owned business. The following companies are part of the Cramm group: Cramm Yachting Systems, Cramm HLS, Cramm Eng., and Cramm USA. Knowledge sharing among the Cramm group companies increases the competitive advantage in the market and helps create strong innovative products.

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