Boarding Passerelles

Cramm passerelles are the perfect, safe and quick system for boarding your superyacht. Our passerelles are designed to perfection, providing you with an elegant and timeless entrance for your guests and crew.

You can select from a wide range of standard modular solutions or fully-customised boarding equipment to meet your wishes and demands. For both options, we use the best available materials, deliver total service and assistance during the entire project, and guarantee maximum safety while operating.


Accommodation Ladders

Cramm boarding ladders are the perfect, safe and quick solution for boarding your superyacht. Our ladders are designed to perfection, providing you with an elegant and timeless entrance for your guests and crew.

You can select from a wide range of standard modular products or a fully customised boarding ladder to meet your wishes and demands. For both options, we use the best available materials, deliver total service and assistance during the entire project and guarantee maximum safety while operating.


Deck Cranes

Cramm deck cranes are the ideal cranes to hoist your equipment such as tenders, jet skis and submarines to and from your super yacht. Our cranes offer maximum efficiency in that they can be used for cargo handling applications as well as rescue boat and life raft hoisting.

Depending on your requirements and ideas, Cramm can supply a crane to match every need. For example, an impressive project we completed was a custom-made deck crane with a hoisting capacity of SWL 15 tonnes and a teak gangway on top.


Sliding Beam Cranes

Our overhead sliding beam cranes are designed to lift equipment such as tenders, rescue boats, life rafts, jet skis, submarines and cars safely and easily in and out of the superyacht. Cramm’s range of overhead cranes includes various types from single-sided and parallel set-up to outward telescopic.

We have also developed a special type of sliding beam crane for lowering items into the water to port and starboard. The development of special profiles for all our sliding beam cranes ensures that every crane has a minimum height, a key benefit compared with many other sliding beam cranes on the market.


Doors and Hatches

Opening up the side of the yacht offers a huge amount of additional possibilities to the yacht, such as tender storage, beach clubs and others. The design of the yacht door is based on a 3D model of the client’s yacht, and custom-made in aluminium, steel or stainless steel.

The main difference between a door and a hatch is that a door is located vertically while a hatch is located horizontally. The outside of the doors follows the shape of the hull, while the inside is level and straight. The doors can be electric or hydraulically driven and opened horizontally or vertically to give maximum flexibility.


Heligrid Landing Platform

The Cramm helicopter landing grid system, combined with a harpoon rapid securing system, aims to secure a helicopter to the flight deck immediately on touchdown by engaging and locking the helicopter harpoon on to a landing grid in the flight deck.

Satisfying the most stringent NATO Stanag 1276 requirements, the system can be used for various types of helicopters, including defence and rescue helicopters. It prevents movement of the helicopter on the flight deck under the influence of large waves and strong side winds, and allows the helicopter to land and take off safely while at sea.


Balconies and Platforms

Yacht platforms and balconies are ideal elements to expand the exterior space and connect it with the interior, providing easy water access and space to enjoy the view. The platforms or balconies can be equipped with many features, creating a luxury outdoor living space close to the water.

Such platforms, also known as beach clubs, compensate for the lack of easy water access and offer the client options such as swimming, sunbathing and scuba diving directly from the yacht. We provide customised folding and/or sliding systems integrated into the vessel’s hull or superstructure.


Telescopic Masts

Cramm can supply all your requirements regarding navigation masts, antenna masts, flag masts or light masts. Cramm telescopic masts have many advantages over standard masts. When the telescopic mast is retracted into the deck, it gives the deck that superyacht sleek and luxury look.

Cramm masts are manufactured from stainless steel, with visible components receiving an elegant brushed finish. If preferred, the whole mast can be faired and painted in the same quality paint as the yacht, to give it that extra designer look.


Bridge Wing Stations

When morring the superyacht, the captain cannot always oversee the situation from the bridge which can result in dangerous situations. Bridge wing control stations offer that extra visibility and overview of the situation to create maximum safety when docking.

The return on investment of using a wing control station can be significant. Preventing one accident during the lifetime of the superyacht will generally cover the cost of the wing control station.


Boat Booms

Boat booms are located on the side of the yacht and are used while a superyacht is anchored to attach smaller boats and tenders on the yacht. This prevents that the smaller boats or tenders can hit the yacht. Boat booms are fully automatic and can be controlled by means of a push-button-panel or a radio remote control.

The boat booms are usually placed near a tender garage or boarding platform. They are non, single or double telescopic systems depending on the requested reach and available storage length. Boat booms can be delivered with a box/trunk for welding in the yacht structure.


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