Wide choice of telescopic masts

Cramm is currently building two telescopic masts. The first will have a total length of nine metres, a stored length of four metres and an outer diameter of approximately 400 mm. The telescopic mast will be fitted flush with the deck and be equipped with two extension parts.

The second new telescopic mast will have a total length of 9.70 m and a stored length of 3.20 m. It will be fitted completely above deck and have three extension parts. The outer diameter will be approximately 500 mm.

Cramm’s telescopic masts are made of stainless steel, with visible components receiving an elegant brushed finishing. The top of each mast features a mounting for the lighting system, which Cramm can also deliver if required. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@cramm.nl.

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