SMM Hamburg brought renewed contacts to Cramm

We are back home after SMM Hamburg 2018. A week ago we were attending the international maritime trade fair in Hamburg, Germany. Together with 50 members of The Netherlands Maritime Technolgy trade association we had a booth in the Holland Pavilion in Hall B.

SMM 2018 brought together approximately 50.000 people from more than 120 countries. And no less than 143 Dutch companies were present with a booth during the trade fair. The motto for 2018 was ‘Trends in SMMart Shipping’.

General mood improved

The four-day event gave us the opportunity to meet our clients and talk to many people in the maritime sector we did not know. It was a very interesting trade fair to Cramm! In 2016 the effects of the shipping crisis were still felt. But this year we felt the general mood has improved. During the exhibition we presented our brand new cruise equipment models. Many people who knew Cramm already, didn’t know this part of our production range. So throughout the show they could again be introduced to our product range. This opportunity to network is something we appreciate particularly at SMM.

Smart Holland Day at SMM

On the 5th of September the Netherlands were concentrating her maritime forces during the Smart Holland Day with, amongst others the Smart Holland Hunt. For this occasion the Holland Pavilion was turned into orange totally, our national colour, with lots of balloons. Besides the serious business it was also a pleasant day with time to have small talks with visitors and exhibitors.

Cramm Yachting Systems is a member of the Netherlands Maritime Technology. The membership is based upon exclusive requirements and serves as a hallmark for our clients. Ensuring they receive the optimal quality within the international superyacht market. We would like to thank the Netherlands Maritime Technology for another great trade fair and we look forward to the next SMM in 2020.

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