Not just a REFIT

Did you know that Cramm carries out various types of service on all kinds of hydraulic equipment on board yachts? This includes wholesale refits of all kinds of components, whether originally built and fitted by us or not. Examples include in-depth technical and functional revision and paint overhaul.

During a pre-revision assessment, we uninstall the item to be evaluated or replaced and take it to our well-equipped workshop for further disassembly and a closer look. Next, we provide advice on the various ways to proceed, and work together with the customer to formulate the best course of action for the future. The Cramm Yachting Systems working method has allowed us to guarantee customers maximum use of their products for many years. Cramm provides a one-year warranty on the parts replaced during an overhaul.

A complete new paint job involves taking components apart down to their constituent parts and repainting them in a high-quality superyacht paint system. Customers may personally attend the acceptance test and any load test. Once painting is completed, we take all necessary measures to ensure trouble-free transport of equipment to their destination, where our own specialists can fit them on board and make sure everything functions properly.

If we can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the Cramm service team via or +31 518 461 600.

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