Successful applicants day

On the 11th of May Cramm Yachting Systems opened its doors to all engineer applicants. They had the opportunity to talk to potential new colleagues, tour the facilities and see some of our products in the final stages of production. Several candidates had a job interview the same day. And at least as many left their résumé. A great day with a very satisfactory result, many thanks to those who visited us!

Besides hosting applicants, we welcomed family members of employees. Wives, husbands, children, dads and mom’s, even grandparents, stopped by to check out where their relatives spend their working days. So nice to see and highly appreciated by Cramm.

This week we will follow up on the applications and send invitations for a second job interview to the people who applied Saturday. And we will invite those who left their details for a job interview.

If you missed out last Saturday but are interested in working at Cramm Yachting Systems please give us a call, we will be happy to discuss possibilities!


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